Classic Short Ugg  Boots
Classic Short Ugg  Boots
Classic Short Ugg  Boots
Classic Short Ugg  Boots

Classic Short Ugg Boots

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Our classic  short Uggs boots are crafted from Australian Merino wool.

Made by Merino Craft.

Aussie made and owned.

Our Classic Short Ugg Boots are hands down our biggest seller or as we like to call them – the cupcakes of our industry! They are approximately 22 cm in height from ground up depending on size and sit just under the calf area. They are very comfortable to walk in and will keep you warm in extremely cold temperatures thanks to the thickness of the sheepskin that will literally wrap around your feet.

So why are they so popular?

  • Great to tuck jeans into without much effort
  • These boots work well with calf sizes
  • Fold them down to create a spillage of a couple of cm as well as making them an ankle height boot.
  • Just slip them on like you would a pair of socks
  • Available in all colours and sizes – even big sizes.
  • They make a generous and fabulous gift.

The Classic Short Ugg Boots are iconic to the sheepskin boots range; when people think ugg boots – it is this particular style that comes to mind. Yes, this is the ugg boot that has travelled into so many countries and found a home on so many people’s feet. From keeping warm after a quick surf on the beach, to rugging up cosy and warm at home and even to white weddings. It’s created one of the most interesting debates of the century. To wear or not to wear – and where to wear?

Grab yours today and wear it as you wish. One thing is certain – they will keep you warm and comfy and we are certain you will be back for more

Dare to try something different? Go ahead and express yourself with your favourite colour!

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Classic Short Ugg  Boots
Classic Short Ugg  Boots